So you see many times hot girl walks down the street, and think "ohh she is so gorgeous and pretty" and you just wanna go and talk with her (and fantasize her naked or what went through your head) BUT SUDDENLY… you are freezing, your heart is beating 10x faster and many excuses pop to your head… My bottom line is that in the end you pass her with embarrassed face and then crying inside and think why didnt i talk to her?!

well here is the answer:
when you see the girl, your brain will tell you automatically excuses why you should not talk to her (shes too hot, she has boyfriend, im too short and many others), It's the human nature, and there is nothing you can do about it. So how can we still get over and embrace it?? the answer is that we can not, the excuses will always be there BUT what we can do is not let them effects us. How??? plz tell us!!! ok then. We have to take the action before they pop to our heads. It means, that we must go talk to her in less than 5sec.  DONT THINK WHAT CAN HAPPAN IF YOU DO IT ! JUST DO IT! and you see that its not so bad.
The more you do it the more easier it becomes.

Dont give up and see you in my next post.

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