Most of people do not have enough confidence to do what they want when they want.
This lack of confidence do not allow them to express themselves when they with friends, in school, or in any other place. In this post, i will try to give you a different way of thinking.

Let's get straight to the point, most people care about what others will think about them and as a result, they are afraid of doing what they realy want to do and HERE IS THE PROBLEM. I claim that you dont need to give a fuck about them. People will alwas have what to say in any subject.

So how can we not give a fuck???
First of all you must increase your confidence,  think about all the things you are ashamed to do, and do it to the EXTREME, UNTIL THE EDGE!!!!!!
Start small and grow up slowly, it can be the stupidest thing you are afriad of. For example: ask someone what the time is?, wear a funny hat or just go with pink shirt. You must do it in order to empower yourself.  Look for all those things that embarrassing you and just fucking do it! no metter the time no metter the place!! you have to get out of your comfort zone and get over it. Ther results will be fascinating.

If you take it seriously and do everything I wrote you will see the different and say WOW "the devil is not that bad". You will understand that it all was in your head and you will not care about others toughts.

Hope you enjoy. Cya next post
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