On this post i am going to write about an alpha male behavior.
But what alpha male behavior is???
Alpha male is the most prominent man in the group, the most charismatic that everyone wants to be around him. Alpha male is like a strong personality, women want him and men want to be around him.
So how?? How can you become one on this charismatic person???
 Here are my best tips:
1. Don't try to please everyone. The alpha is doing what he wants even if others are disagree him (But never hit the others and offense them). He doesn't care. He do what he wants.
2. Alpha male will never shout or get angry. He will talk thinkgs slowly and stay calm. He won't get overexcited and stay in proportion. He is always with positive energy  and someone that you can trust on.
3. Here is one of the most important tips: alpha male would NEVER GIVE UP! No matter how hard the the things are, no metter how much it takes. he will fight till he achive it ,nothing will stand in his way and he will be 100% focused. If he wants it, he achieves it. Point.
4. The alpha male does not worry. He knows that many things are out of his ability. He can not control everything and he does not want to. He just stays cool. Never gets angrey about those things that out of his control.
5. Alpha male will always say what goes on in their head and not filter. Ever if that truth is hurt (Untill a certain limit). He will not be afraid to go against the grain.
Thats all for this post, a little short but very important. Hope you like it and cya next time.
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