So you put all your fears aside and finelly approach her. You get to the girl, stands in front of her, looks in her beautiful blue eyes and says: "Hi, how you doing"? she replies and than an awkward silence.. now what..? you You have no idea what to say, the girl looks at you get bored bored, you try to say something that she doesn't attention to, not care about and sometimes not even listen to. Finelly she is goes away.. YaY you failed again.. You come back home upset and did not know how to talk to her and what you did do wrong.
So how can you avoid this silence and interest her??
First of all, silence is not a bad thing (in some cases it even great, especially on first date (creates intimacy)),but lets go back to the subject, If you want to have things to say you must stop filter them when they go through your head. It means you have to say everything even if it sounds stupid or does not make sense.
WDF?? i cant talk with a girl on stupid things.. So let me tell you something, you actuallycan. It doesnt metter what you say it metters how say it. For example, many times i like to open with the most stupid and weird question but and there is but, i do it with full with full confidence and not hesitant, and guess what? she actually laugh and get in the conversation. Works like a magic.
Don't talk too fast or too loud, show her you are 100% don't care about the subject and you just come to talk to the girl and know her – the open doesn't metter. After that, ask things about her and when you see shes interested ask for her number.
You have to understand that there are many girls and if one is reject you it's not the end of the world. It's like a bus, if you missed one you know that another one will come.
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