The open does not really metter as everyone thinks, its just a fucking sentance that lots of men are afraid of. There are three kinds of general open that i suggest you to use (i tried all of them and they all work).

  • The first one, you go straight to the point – "Hi, you look cute i will be glad to know you better", "Hi, my name is X, let's get to know each other", Etc.
    This open based on that you show her you want to know her, no bullshit, put all the cards on the desk and show your intents. Say it with pleasant tone and a smile. It will make them value and respect you, and love your honesty. Next step – bed.. not really.
    Keep the conversation, ask on her and ask for her number.
  • This is that secont open that i like to use. On this one you say something about the situation. It can be a compliment, neg or even a joke that pop to your head: If she looks at something – talk about it, She walks strangely- talk about it, Her shirt look nice – say it to her. This will give you the start of the conversation and you can develop an entire theme from here.
  • The last type of open is more for beginners. On this open you ask her own opinion about a particular subject. You think of a sentance that can lead to an exciting discussion before you approach. For example: "Do you think guys should pay on first date?", "Are girls more attracted to tall or short men?" Etc. When you reach to her you already have what to say.
    Personally i dislike this type of open, but i still write it because many people use it. In some cases the girl can thinks that you do not come to know her but to know what she got to say. More then that, sometimes the girl can understand that you are fake. Carfull! they smell if from kilometers.

Try to use all those openers and find what works best for you.

That's all for this post.
hope you like it, plz share and commant.
Yours Y.C


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